Message from the Mayor

MayorMaglio2Winter 2020

When the Village Board officially adopted the Village’s 2020 budget in December, it did so very mindful of balancing how much our operations cost with how much revenue we receive. As you can see in the chart accompanying the budget article on page 4 of the Winter 2020 issue of the Roselle Reporter newsletter, we have been careful not to overspend in our General Fund, which pays for the day-to-day operations of the Village. As part of the budget review process, we were able to take a close look at the revenues and expenditures in our water and sewer funds. I am pleased to report that the budget reflects frozen rates for water, sewer and CIS for next year. The rates were supposed to go up as part of the 5-year rate increase plan adopted by the Board in 2016 to pay for water and wastewater infrastructure, but were determined to be unnecessary for 2020 because the water and sewer projects are being completed on time and under budget.

I am also happy to announce that the Village Board approved a contract with Flood Brothers for them to become our new refuse and recycling vendor starting April 1. This contract provides across-the-board savings for both residents and business owners, and does so in a manner that is the most fair to all in the community. We opted to keep the yard waste sticker program – with stickers costing less throughout the five-year contract – as a pay-as-you-go program. Getting rid of the sticker program would have meant that those who don’t use it (businesses, multi-family units, etc.) would have been subsidizing it through slightly higher quarterly rates for everyone. With the lower rates and the two free yard waste pickups (one in April and one in November), I truly believe that this is a win-win scenario for everyone in the Village.

The Village’s Board’s commitment to community engagement has never been stronger, and will continue into 2020. The outreach part of our Envision Roselle community envisioning project wrapped up in November, with a survey, several focus groups and a community forum. I would like to thank each and every one of you who participated by giving us your feedback. Our Envision Roselle task force will analyze the data this winter, prepare a report with recommendations this spring, and we will present this report, along with action plans, to the community as we plan for the long-term future of Roselle. Dates and times for these outreach activities will be shared as soon as they are available.

As we move into the new year, I would like to thank the many people involved in running our local municipal government. To all the Trustees, the Village Clerk, and the Village staff who all work together to provide our community with core services, I am grateful for your dedication to the Village of Roselle. Happy New Year!