Street Improvement Program


2017 Street Improvement Program

Construction for the Village’s annual Street Improvement Program (SIP) and Water Main Replacement Program (WMP) began on May 15 throughout Roselle. Nearly $775,000 is being spent on street improvements this year to resurface 2.7 miles of streets throughout the community that have been identified as being in poor or fair condition. A map of the workflow for the 2017 SIP is available for download (PDF).

Additionally, water main replacement is being completed prior to street resurfacing on Lakeview Ct, Lexington Ave., York Ct., and Thorndale Ave. A map of the workflow for the WMP is available for download (PDF). The water main projects are expected to be completed by July 21, weather permitting. The resurfacing work on these four streets is slated for August 28 through September 30.

The SIP was expanded for last year and this year to improve more streets, following several years of street programs that were reduced in scope. The Village’s 2016 budget included an initiative to issue $2.4 million in limited tax bonds to fund the SIP for 2016 and 2017.

This project consists primarily of the grinding and resurfacing of the deteriorated roadway segments. The construction sequence will be as follows:

  1. Intermittent sidewalk, curb and gutter removal and replacement.
  2. Underground utility work (utility frame adjustment, structure reconstruction).        
  3. Asphalt surface removal (grinding).
  4. Asphalt patching of failed base course.
  5. First layer paving with Hot-Mix asphalt leveling binder.
  6. Final layer paving with Hot-Mix asphalt surface Course.
  7. Pavement marking/striping.

Work also began on the Central Ave. storm sewer construction project on May 15. This work took place on Central Ave. between Roselle Rd. and Hill St., and concluded on May 29.

 If you have questions or concerns about this year’s Street Improvement Program, Water Main Replacement Program, work on the Central Ave. Storm Sewer, or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Roselle Public Works at (630) 980-2020.

Construction Updates

The following streets are included in the 2017 Street Improvement Program:

  • Albion Ave. from Logan St. to Seward St. 
  • Brandywine Dr. from Garden Ave. to Bryn Mawr Ave.
  • Brookwood Ct. from Crestwood Dr. through the cul-de-sac 
  • Carlsbad Trl. from Woodfield Trl. to Glacier Ct.
  • Charlemagne Cir. from Roselle Rd. through the cul-de-sac 
  • Chelsea Cove from Waterbury Ln. through the cul-de-sac
  • Circle Dr. from Devon Ave. to Devon Ave. 
  • Countryside Dr. from Granville Ave. to Devon Ave.
  • Fordham Pl. from Garden Ave. to Brandywine Dr.
  • Lakeside Dr. from Granville Ave. to Devon Ave.
  • Lakeview Ct. from Granville Ave. through the cul-de-sac (plus water main replacement)
  • Leo Ct. from Maple Ave. through the cul-de-sac
  • Lexington Ave. from Foster Ave. to Orchard Ter.  (plus water main replacement)
  • Logan St. from Arthur Ave. to Schreiber Ave.
  • Merrimac Ct. from West End Rd. through the cul-de-sac
  • Mulford Ln. from Menching Rd. through the cul-de-sac
  • Overland Ct. from Plum Grove Rd. to West Bend 
  • Pine Ave. from Prospect St. to Rush St.
  • Pinecroft Dr. from Orchard Ter. to Foster Ave.
  • Ridge Ct. from Bryn Mawr Ave. through the cul-de-sac 
  • Stonefield Pl. from Edenwood Dr. to Garden Ave.
  • Thorndale Ave. from Roselle Rd. to Prospect St.  (plus water main replacement)
  • Walnut Ct. from Roselle Rd. through the cul-de-sac
  • York Ct. from Lexington Ave. through the cul-de-sac  (plus water main replacement)

Federal Funding Secured for Central Ave. Resurfacing Project

Central Ave. from Rodenburg Rd. to Roselle Rd. is scheduled to be resurfaced in 2018. The Village was successful in seeking federal funding for the Central Ave. resurfacing project. Federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds will cover approximately 75 percent of the construction costs, with the remaining 25 percent coming from the Village of Roselle.