Water Main Replacement Program

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The Water Main Replacement Program (WMP) was initiated following the completion of the Village's Wastewater Facilities Master Plan in 2015 and the Baxter & Woodman Water and Sewer Rate Study commissioned by the Village. The final report recommended that the Village budget $1 million per year between 2016 and 2020 to replace aging water mains, funded through scheduled annual water rate increases from 2016-2020.

The program is primarily focused on areas with older (50+ year old) water mains, typically cast iron, with a high break frequency. The new water mains are Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), with an expected service life of 75 years or more.

Streets Included in the 2019 WMP
The WMP will continue for 2019, with an estimated $1.15 million earmarked for water main replacements this year. The following streets will be included and are marked in blue on the Construction Project Map:
  • Granville Ave. from Lincoln to Roselle Rd.
  • Claria Dr. from West End to Roselle Rd.
  • Hill Dr. From Claria to Central Ave.

Following the water main replacements, these streets will be repaved as part of the 2019 Street Improvement Program.

Construction Bulletins

Program History
Since inception of the program, nearly $1.8 million was been spent to replace water mains, fire hydrants, valves, and service connections on the following streets:
  • E. Walnut Street (Foster Avenue to Spring Street) - 2018
  • Spring Street (Foster Avenue to E. Walnut Street) - 2018
  • Lakeview Court - 2017
  • Lexington Avenue - 2017
  • York Court - 2017
  • Thorndale Avenue - 2017
For questions or further information about the Water Main Replacement Program, please contact Civil Engineer Jorge Jorda at (630) 671-2363 or e-mail jjorda@roselle.il.us.