Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Documents

Full Comprehensive Plan Report (80 MB)


Individual Chapters

1. Plan Summary
2a. Land Use and Development
2b. Natural Resources and Open Spaces
2c. Transportation - Roadways, Transit and Trails
3a. Town Center Sub-Area
3b. North Roselle Road Corridor Sub-Area
3c. Medinah Station Opportunity Area
3d. Lake Street Opportunity Area
3e. Annexation Opportunities
4. Design Guidelines
5. Implementation


The Village Board officially adopted the updated Comprehensive Plan at the August 22, 2016, Board meeting. This plan will be used as a guide for development in the village for the next decade.

The Village's consultant, Ginkgo Planning and Design, Inc., worked closely with staff and elected officials over the past year to update the plan, and held several public forums to gather feedback from the community. A comprehensive plan is a tool used by municipalities for planning for the future growth, constant change, and evolution of the community. The Village's updated plan will shape development for the next decade, and covers long-term land use, economic development, transportation planning, and civil and stormwater engineering. The Comprehensive Plan also has an implementation component that spells out the critical tasks necessary to carry out the plan.

The plan will be used to identify development that works for specific areas through appropriate design, functionality, and uses driven by market demand, and to guide policy that leads to real economic development opportunities. The updated Comprehensive Plan provides detailed land use analysis, identifies potential redevelopment opportunities, and includes visual renderings for three sub-areas in Roselle: North Roselle Corridor; the Metra Station area; and the Village's Town Center.

The Village applied for and received a matching grant from the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) through their local assistance program to be used to help fund the work on the Comprehensive Plan. CMAP funds, including federal and state grants, covered half of the approximately $116,000 cost of the Comprehensive Plan Update. Updating the Village's Comprehensive Plan was one of the strategic goals set by the Village Board for 2014-2016.