Planning & Zoning Division

As a mature community, the Village has little vacant land left for new development. Consequently, ensuring that new development occurs wisely and that redevelopment takes place in a manner that complements existing development is very important to the staff of the Planning & Zoning Division.

In addition, Planning & Zoning Staff aids owners of properties along the Village's commercial corridors (i.e. Lake Street, Irving Park Road, Nerge Road) with their retention and attraction efforts.

Planning & Zoning Staff also directs their attention to the continued redevelopment of the town center area where there are many opportunities to promote mixed-uses in order to bring people to live, shop, and play in the town center area.

Finally, the staff of the Planning & Zoning Division helps residents and businesses follow the Zoning Ordinance as they occupy, maintain/renovate, expand, or add improvements to their property.

Appointed Commissions
The Planning and Zoning Commission is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the Village Board in regard to zoning, special uses, Planned Unit Developments, zoning ordinance amendments, and subdivisions. Members of the Planning and Zoning Commission are appointed by the Mayor.

The Zoning Board of Appeals is responsible for hearing variances from the zoning ordinance and appeals from the zoning administrator. Members of the Zoning Board of Appeals are appointed by the Mayor.