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1. How do I set up a new account with Flood Brothers?
2. Does Flood Brothers offer automatic payment options?
3. I’m a senior citizen, how do I apply for the senior rate with Flood Brothers?
4. Where can I find the new rate schedule for Flood Brothers?
5. Is my garbage pickup day going to change when Flood Brothers takes over?
6. The carts that Flood Brothers delivered to me are too big. Can I get a smaller cart?
7. How long will it take Republic Services to pick up my old garbage carts?
8. My carts are from ARC, not Republic Services. How do I get rid of them?
9. How does the new yard waste program work with Flood Brothers?
10. I heard that Flood Brothers offers curbside electronic and hazardous waste removal, how do those programs work?
11. I have yard waste stickers left over from last year, can I still use them?
12. I live in unincorporated Roselle. What does this change in garbage vendors mean for me?
13. I need to contact Flood Brothers, what is the best way to do this?