Flood Brothers Named New Garbage Vendor Starting April 2020

Transition TimelineContract With Flood Brothers Approved

Residential, business, and industrial customers are seeing across-the-board reductions in refuse, recycling, and yard waste collection rates in the Village of Roselle with Flood Brothers Disposal/Recycling Services as the new waste hauling vendor. The Village Board approved the five-year exclusive residential and commercial solid waste, recycling, and yard waste collection and disposal contract with Flood Brothers on December 2, 2019.

Transition Timeline

The transition of switching over to Flood Brothers from the Village’s current vendor, Republic Services, has already begun. Village of Roselle customer accounts have already been generated, and Flood Brothers began delivering 65-gallon garbage and recycling carts to residential customers the week of March 16. The new carts are green with a black lid for trash, and green with a yellow lid for recycling. Flood Brothers also started swapping out carts and dumpsters for business, industrial, and multi-unit residential customers at this time. All of the new carts and containers were expected to be delivered by March 31.

Flood Brothers will begin accepting requests from those who wish to exchange the initial carts for different sizes starting April 8.

Republic Services began picking up their carts from residential customers in late-March, following regular garbage days. Residential customers are asked to continue to LEAVE THEIR CARTS OUT near the curb so flat bed truck can pick up the carts. Cart removal may take up until April 6 - please just leave the old Republic Services carts out until they have been removed.

Please DO NOT place carts out on the street - street sweeping services are also scheduled to begin in late-March.

For a short period of time, residential customers will have carts for both Flood Brothers and for Republic Services. The Village will lift its ban on unscreened garbage carts visible from the street from March 15 through April 20. No tickets will be issued for visibly stored garbage carts or carts left out at the curb during this time period.

For those who have old yard waste stickers from last year, they can be used through April 30. Those with 10 or more stickers left over may return them through the payment drop box in the circle drive in front of Village Hall through April 30 for full reimbursement ($3 per sticker). Fill out the Yard Waste Sticker Reimbursement form, and include it with the old stickers in an envelope and drop it in the drop box.

Transition Timeline & FAQ Flyer (PDF)

Notable Changes With New Contract

  • Residential monthly rates will all decrease significantly, with single family rates decreasing from $21.18 to $18.16 for the first year of the contract.
  • Commercial rates will decrease between 14 and 20 percent, depending on container size and frequency of pick-ups.
  • Yard waste sticker rates will decrease by 21 percent, remaining lower than the current rate throughout the term of the agreement.
  • Residents will receive free yard waste pickup two times per year - during the first week in April and the last week in November - for up to seven (7) bundles, bags or approved containers per each pickup.
  • New curbside electronic and hazardous waste collection will be offered on a per-charge basis.

Collection Schedule

The collection schedule in will not change with the new waste hauling vendor. Flood Brothers will continue to collect on the same two-day schedule (Tuesday & Wednesday) that has been in place in Roselle since 2010.

Residential Price Changes

The monthly rates below are effective April 1, 2020, through March 31, 2025. Rates will increase April 1st of each year.

Single Family Home $21.18  $18.16  $18.81  $19.49  $20.19  $20.92
Multi-Family Centralized Billing $20.33  $16.90  $17.35  $17.85  $18.40  $18.95
Single Family Home - Senior (Grandfathered) $10.59  $9.08  $9.41  $9.75  $10.10  $10.46
Single Family Home - Senior Rate $16.94 $13.20 $13.55 $13.95 $14.35 $14.75
Yard Waste Sticker (Each)$3.00 $2.35 $2.35 $2.40 $2.45 $2.45
Yard Waste Cart*$269.00 $195.75 $195.75 $201.60 $207.65$207.65
Special Pick-Up (per Cubic Yard)**$23.00 $20.00 $20.00 $22.00  $25.00 $25.00

* These rates are for a 95 gallon yard waste cart, billed annually, every April. The cart can be used for disposing of yard waste without the need for yard waste stickers during the yard waste collection period and/or used as an additional cart for refuse.
** The minimum charge for a special pick-up shall be no less than two (2) cubic yards.

Commercial Prices

The following commercial pricing is effective from April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021. For the full commercial pricing through 2025, please see the tables in the PDF document here.

Trash Pickups Per Week
95 Gallon Cart$25.50$27.54$32.13$33.41$35.19$36.98
1 Yard Container$41.82$83.64$96.90$107.30$112.20$117.30
2 Yard Container
3 Yard Container$78.80$173.35$220.63$299.95$370.23$424.18
4 Yard Container$102.96$186.23$230.08$312.03$404.48$441.25
6 Yard Container$182.57$275.26$340.92$493.15$522.78$540.01
8 Yard Container$208.02$376.11$514.79$682.89$814.22$945.54
10 Yard Container$234.28$437.05$614.60$697.07$828.40$981.26
2 Yard Compactors$161.67 $357.00$477.36$661.98$872.10$918.00
4 Yard Compactors $287.51 $481.98 $627.30 $825.95$1,026.68 $1,149.00
6 Yard Compactors $437.02 $674.35 $845.81 $1,249.37$1,251.25 $1,318.38
8 Yard Compactors $522.75 $966.04 $1,254.60 $1,758.53 $1,923.72 $2,146.41
Recycling Pickups Per Week
95 Gallon Cart$20.15$21.76$25.38$26.39$27.80$29.21
1 Yard Container$33.04$66.08$76.55$84.77$88.64$92.67
2 Yard Container
3 Yard Container$62.25$136.95$174.29$236.96$292.48$335.10
4 Yard Container$81.34$147.12$181.76$246.50$319.54$348.59
6 Yard Container$144.23$217.45$269.33$389.59$413.00$426.61
8 Yard Container$164.33$297.13$406.69$539.48$643.23$746.98
10 Yard Container$185.08$345.27$485.53$550.69$654.43$775.20
2 Yard Compactors$127.72 $282.03$377.11$522.96$688.96$725.22
4 Yard Compactors $227.13 $380.76 $495.57 $652.50$811.08 $907.71
6 Yard Compactors $345.25 $532.73 $668.19 $987.00$998.49 $1,041.52
8 Yard Compactors $412.97 $763.17 $991.13 $1,389.24 $1,519.74 $1,695.67

Industrial Pricing (Roll-Off Containers)

Pricing from April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2025. Price changes will go into effect April 1 of each year.

Hauling Charge Per Load$204.00$185.00$185.00$192.50$192.50$198.50
Disposal Charge Per Ton$69.00$55.00$55.00$56.00$56.00$57.00