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Fireworks Donation Campaign
Donation Campaign for Annual Fireworks Display
Get a Bang for your Buck! Make a donation toward the Village of Roselle 2014 fireworks display. This fundraising campaign gives the community the chance to keep the tradition of  fireworks in Roselle.
     Bang for your Buck

    A successful donation campaign in 2013 brought fireworks back to Roselle, and we're looking to repeat that success in 2014! Due to budget reductions, the annual fireworks display has not been in the Village's budget for the past several years. The tradition of fireworks continued with generous sponsorships from community groups in 2010 and 2011. Without a sponsor for 2012, the display was canceled. The Bang for your Buck campaign was created in 2013 to bring the tradition of fireworks back to Roselle.

    In the event that the $18,000 fundraising goal established for April 15, 2014, is not met, the fireworks display will be canceled and the funds will be used towards a 2015 Fireworks Donation Campaign. In the event that the 2014 Fireworks Donation Campaign exceeds the stated $25,000 goal, the overage will be retained towards a 2015 Fireworks Donation Campaign.

    For more information, email Community Relations Coordinator Melissa Brito or call (630) 671-2817.

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