Contractor Registration


All Contractors wishing to perform work in the Village of Roselle should be licensed. To receive a license, contractors must supply the following:
  • A surety bond made out to the Village of Roselle
  • A certificate of insurance with the Village of Roselle as certificate holder
  • A $75 fee payable to the Village of Roselle
Plumbers must supply a State plumber's license, but are not subject to the $75 fee.

Contractors must provide all necessary certificates of insurance, surety bonds, and state or local licenses before permits will be issued.


All contractors in the Village of Roselle must be registered.

Contractors must complete and submit the Contractor Registration Application for approval prior to initiating any work.

The application form also includes the Contractor Registration Requirements, which identifies the different types of contractors, the work they perform and the process for each to follow.

Additional Information