Fire Prevention

Requirements for Business License Applicants

Prior to occupancy being granted for a new business, the following is partial, common, list of requirements that need to be met. This is also required annually for all businesses.

  • A 5 lb ABC type fire extinguisher must be provided, or accessible within a 75 foot travel distance. For larger spaces, one will be needed every 75 feet.
  • All emergency lights and exit lights must be fully functional and working.
  • Ground fault interrupter circuits must be installed within 5ft. of all wet locations i.e. kitchen sink, restroom sink, utility tub, etc.
  • There shall be no circuit breaker openings in the electrical panel. Blanks shall be installed in all unused openings.
  • Only push paddle or thumb turn locks are acceptable on inside door locks. Inside key locks are not allowed.
  • Extension cords are for temporary use, and cannot be used in place of not having an outlet. Outlet “cubes” cannot be used. When additional receptacles are needed, a multiple outlet strip with overload protection can be used.

Fire Prevention Tips

View these helpful fire prevention tips from the Roselle Fire Department.

Plan Reviews
For buildings within the Village of Roselle, all plans should be sent to the Village of Roselle at 31 S. Prospect St., Roselle, IL 60172. For buildings in the unincorporated areas serviced by the Roselle Fire Department, the plans should be sent to the Roselle Fire Department, 100 E. Maple Ave., Roselle, IL 60172.
Fire Prevention Bureau Schedule of Fees

Fire Protection Systems
Plans for any proposed fire protection system (sprinkler, fire alarm, hood and duct extinguishing system, etc.) must be submitted for review.  No work can begin until the plans have been approved by the Fire Prevention Bureau. Any existing system must be inspected on an annual basis, and the inspection report must be submitted to the Fire Prevention Bureau.

Fire Suppression Sprinkler Requirements
The Village of Roselle has a zero square foot requirement for fire sprinkler systems. This means that any building, including single family homes, must have a fire sprinkler system. There is no requirement that existing homes must be sprinklered, UNLESS the home is doubled in size.

Because of an intergovernmental agreement, this requirement is also in effect for the unincorporated areas within the jurisdiction of the Roselle Fire Protection District, serviced by the Roselle Fire Department

For single family homes, each one is unique, therefore it is very difficult to offer a “cost per square foot” for a sprinkler system. However, it has been found that most systems can be installed for under 2 percent of the total cost of a home.

For additional information on fire suppression sprinkler requirements, please see the fire suppression sprinkler FAQ.
Fuel Tanks
All below and above ground fuel tanks are regulated by the Office of the State Fire Marshal, Petroleum Division.

Fire Department Key Lock Box
Where an automatic fire protection system will call the Fire Department to a building "after hours", a Fire Department key box (Knox Box) shall be provided. The boxes can be acquired online at Contact the Fire Department for model numbers and mounting locations.

Open Burning
If you live in the Village of Roselle or Roselle Fire Protection District, open burning is prohibited, except where an approved container is used. Yard waste and items that are typically thrown in the garbage are prohibited from being burned.

Fire pits are allowed as long as they are used in compliance with Roselle's open burning /fire pit rules and regulations. Any fire that is deemed to be a nuisance by the fire or police department will be required to be extinguished.

For more information, please call (630) 671-2842 or email the Fire Prevention Office