Water Sewer Rates

Rate Per 1,000 Gallons2020  202120222023
 Water Rate$8.25$8.25$8.45$8.84$9.25
 Sewer Rate DuPage*$6.10$6.10$6.25$6.30$7.10
 Sewer Rate Cook*$3.25$3.25$3.35$3.40$3.55
 Capital Improvement Surcharge (CIS)$5.75$5.75$6.00$6.10$7.50
 Total Rate DuPage*$20.10 $20.10$20.70$21.24$23.85
 Total Rate Cook*$17.25 $17.25 $17.80$18.34$20.30

* Roselle’s Cook County properties are in the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, and pay into that system through a combination of user rates and property taxes. Roselle’s DuPage County properties pay for sewer services through user rates only.

What do water, sewer, and Capital Improvement Surcharge (CIS) rates pay for?

Water and sewer rates are developed to recover the cost of purchasing water through the DuPage Water Commission (DWC) and treating wastewater for the community. Revenue from water and sewer rates goes to the Water/Sewer Operating Fund, which supports daily operations and maintenance for Roselle’s water and wastewater systems.

The Capital Improvement Surcharge (CIS) was implemented by the Village Board in 2010 to provide funding for water system and wastewater treatment and collection system improvements in the face of increasing costs. Revenue from CIS rates goes to the Water/Sewer Capital Projects Fund, which supports projects like water main replacements, sanitary sewer lift station replacements and mandated updates to wastewater treatment plants and repays any debts from past water and wastewater system improvements.