coyoteLiving With Wildlife

Coyotes prefer to be as far from humans as possible, but as with other species, a loss of habitat has left them few choices. According to the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, removing coyotes is illegal without the proper permits. The Village of Roselle is not authorized to trap or remove wild animals.

To prevent problems in your yard, you must eliminate two main attractants: food and shelter. Problems with coyotes may be avoided by following the following advice from the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County:

  • Do not encourage coyotes by feeding them.
  • Keep pet food and water dishes inside.
  • Do not allow spills to accumulate below bird feeders.
  • Keep grills and barbecues clean. Even small food scraps may attract animals.
  • If possible, do not keep garbage cans outside.
  • Use enclosed compost bins, not exposed piles. Do not add pet waste, meat, milk or eggs.
  • Keep ground clear of fruit from trees.
  • Protect vegetable gardens with heavy-duty fences.
  • Use welded wire to prevent animals from accessing openings under decks, elevated sheds, concrete slabs and porches.
  • Clear all bushes and dense weeds near the home, where coyotes may find cover and small animals to feed upon.

Survival for coyotes is difficult, and they are known to kill foxes to remove territorial competition. Individual coyotes may view domestic dogs in the same manner, especially small dogs that tend to be aggressive toward larger canines. Male coyotes may also be drawn to domestic dogs in heat, as well as male dogs to female coyotes. While encounters are rare, pet owners should take a few simple precautions:

  • Walk your dog on a leash.
  • Never leave dogs unattended in your yard, and always keep them inside overnight.
  • Keep your yard well-illuminated outdoors at night when your pet is out.
  • Keep cats indoors.
  • If you encounter a coyote at the same place and time while walking your pet, change your routine.

For more information about living with wildlife, visit the DuPage County Forest Preserve website. For additional information about animal control issues, call the Willowbrook Wildlife Center's automated phone line at (630) 942-6200.