Roselle Sister City Association



Bochnia, Poland

The Village of Roselle's Sister City is Bochnia, Poland.

About the Roselle Sister City Association

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Our Mission

The mission of the Roselle Sister City Association is "Promoting World Peace and Cultural Understanding".

Our History

In October of 1999, the search for Roselle's Sister City began and a Sister City Commission was formed. The Roselle Village Board approved a plan to form a Sister City Relaionship with Bochnia, Poland in July, 2000. Upon an invitation from Mayor Cholewa, a Roselle delegation visited Bochnia, Poland in April, 2001. Mayor Cholewa and Town Council President Jan Olszewski came to Roselle in August 2003, and a Sister City Signing Ceremony took place on August 3, 2003. Mayor Gayle Smolinski and Sister City delegates went to Bochnia, Poland in June 2004 for an additional signing ceremony.

The Roselle Sister Cities Commission officially became the Roselle Sister Cities Association when it was officially incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois on July 16, 2018. The new autonomous not-for-profit status gives the organization more flexibility in fundraising, dispersing charitable funds, and recordkeeping.

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