Geographic Based Policing

The Village of Roselle Police Department is committed to Community Policing principals. As part of our Community Policing philosophy we deliver police service through a Geographic Policing system. The Village is divided into four geographic zones. A Police Sergeant or (Zone Sergeant) is assigned to each of the four zones. The Zone Sergeant is responsible for tracking criminal activity, analyzing crime trends, developing and implementing action plans to help address community issues, and acts as a liaison between the police department and citizens, businesses and community groups.

Police Officers are assigned to each geographical zone on a 24/7 basis. The Zone Officers patrol their assigned zones and work as a group to address criminal activity and provide service within their assigned patrol zones. As issues are identified, the Zone Sergeant coordinates the efforts of the Zone Officers and is empowered to seek additional department or community resources to address these issues.

Roselle Police Zone Assignments

Roselle Police Zone 1: Zone Sergeant James Nudera
Roselle Police Zone 2: Zone Sergeant Rachel Bata
Roselle Police Zone 3: Zone Sergeant Robert Gates
Roselle Police Zone 4: Zone Sergeant Matthew Schmidt

Roselle Police Zone Maps

Zone Street Map (PDF)

Zone Overview Map:

zone map