Citizen Assisted Radar Enforcement Program

One of the most frequent requests or complaints made to the Roselle Police Department is for speed enforcement and speeding autos. The Citizen Assisted Radar Enforcement Program (C.A.R.E) has been established to meet the needs of our community members.

The Citizen Assisted Radar Enforcement Program contributes to public awareness by involving the public in recording vehicle speeds to determine if a speeding problem exists. Once this is done, the Police Department can focus its resources to address the problem. The goal of the program is to engage members of the community in addressing issues involving speeding autos in their neighborhoods.

The program requires that the volunteers monitor vehicle speeds using a department issued radar unit. The vehicle speed and time are written on a log sheet. In the event a violation is observed, the volunteer will attempt to document the vehicles description and license plat number. Letters will be sent to the registered owners advising them of the observed violation.

The Citizen Assisted Radar Enforcement Program educates drivers and residents about the dangers of speeding vehicles. It also encourages safe driving when traveling on neighborhood streets. If you are interested in the Citizen Assisted Radar Enforcement Program, or have any questions or comments, please call Sgt. Robert Gates at (630) 671-4060.