Message from the Mayor

MayorMaglio2Winter 2018

The Illinois General Assembly will begin its 2018 legislative session later this month. And, much like what occurred in 2017, local governments like the Village of Roselle will be tasked with opposing legislative proposals to freeze property taxes. Because a property tax freeze could negatively affect the provision of basic services, quality of life, and revenues to our schools, libraries, and park districts, I oppose any type of freeze to local property taxes.

As a member of the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference (DMMC), I want to make you aware of a new initiative by the DMMC to launch a quarterly video program designed to provide insight on local issues that don't always receive the attention or discussion they deserve. The inaugural episode of "Issues at Hand" features my fellow Mayors from Addison, Naperville, and Warrenville examining how a permanent property tax freeze could have wide implications for communities like Roselle. I encourage you to review the video, as it is important our residents are fully informed about important topics confronting our Village government, schools, park districts, and libraries. As the Mayors of these neighboring communities conclude, a property tax freeze would have broad negative implications for our residents.

Over the next several months, I will be active with the DMMC and other mayors of the region defending against legislative proposals that restrict and reduce local control of funding. These proposals would have detrimental impact on the services provided by all of our local taxing bodies to the community. Ensuring that the residents of Roselle accurately understand these issues, and that our local legislators have all the facts as they consider legislation, is something I will continue to support as your mayor.