Automated Red Light Enforcement Program

In an effort to reduce vehicle collisions and make Village streets safer, Red Light Running Cameras began monitoring the intersection of Lake Street and Gary Avenue in Roselle in August 2008 and February 2009, and southbound Rodenburg Road at Central Avenue in September 2009. All captured violations are reviewed and approved by trained Roselle Police Department personnel before any citations are mailed to the vehicle's registered owner.

The benefit of these cameras is two-fold; the statistics prove that cameras do positively change driver's behavior making intersections safer, and a camera monitoring an intersection frees up local police officers to focus on other areas within the community. The location of the cameras was determined after extensive traffic studies were conducted by the company operating the program, Lombard based RedSpeed-Illinois.

The alleged civil infraction notices are mailed to the registered owner or identified driver after the images and video pass a two-part review process by qualified technicians before being submitted to the Roselle Police Department for final review and approval. Confirmation of the driver's name, address and vehicle registration information are provided to the Roselle Police Department by the Illinois Secretary of State's Office. Vehicle owners may contest the Violation Notice either by mail or by requesting an in-person hearing. See the Frequently Asked Questions section for additional information.

Camera Locations
Controlled By
 Camera Live Date
Westbound Lake St. (US Route 20) at Gary Ave.
IDOT  August 26, 2008
Eastbound Lake St. (US Route 20) at Gary Ave.
IDOT  February 19, 2009
Southbound Rodenburg Rd. at Central Ave.
Non-IDOT  September 16, 2009

Statistical Analysis
Lake St. and Gary Ave. (PDF)
Rodenburg Rd. and Central Ave. (PDF)