Forestry Division


Trees not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of our community, they help improve air quality and increase property value as well. The Forestry Division is responsible for parkway tree maintenance. For more information, contact Village Forester Mike Schulz at (630) 671-2368 or email for additional information.

Forestry Information

Parkway Tree Care and Reforestation Plan Underway in Roselle

Summer 2019 - The Village of Roselle has contracted with Graf Tree Care for several years to assist the Public Works Forestry Division in managing the Village’s tree populations. This year, there are three particular areas of focus for Roselle’s “community forest”, including emerald ash borer (EAB) management, reforestation planting in the fall, and updating the Village’s tree inventory.

Each spring since 2011, all of the Village’s publicly owned ash trees have been evaluated as part of the EAB Management Program. The Village began treating ash trees deemed to be in good condition back in 2012 against EAB infestations. The ash trees in the treatment set are evaluated for continued treatment annually, and untreated ash trees are evaluated and scheduled for removal if necessary.

During the 2019 tree inventory, it was found that all of the 559 ash trees in the treatment set were found to be in good condition again this season. Approximately 30 untreated ash trees remain on Roselle’s parkways. They are being evaluated to determine if they will be removed this year, or if they are healthy enough to be retained for another season.

Reforestation Planting

During the original tree inventory in 2011, approximately 2,200 open planting spaces were identified on parkways throughout the Village. Over the past seven years, approximately 1,100 ash trees have been removed, only 300 of which have been replaced to date. This has resulted in a total of 3,000 open planting spaces. The Village's recently completed Reforestation Planting Plan takes into consideration current and projected species diversity, spatial diversity, and age class diversity. The goal is to create a healthy community forest in Roselle for the long term.

Shared Cost Parkway Tree Program On Hold

The annual Shared Cost Parkway Tree Replacement program is on hold for 2019 while the work to begin implementation of Village’s Reforestation Planting Plan is underway. The Village's budget for 2019 plantings is $30,000, with plans to plant in 67 empty tree spaces this year.

Tree Inventory Updates

Each year, 25 percent of the Village’s entire tree inventory is updated. Each tree is re-measured, assigned a new condition rating, and is inspected for pests, pathogens, and abiotic disorders. In 2019, Graf Tree Care has completed tree inventory updates in Zone 3, the area of the Village south of Central Ave. and west of Roselle Rd.