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Trees not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of our community, they help improve air quality and increase property value as well. The Forestry Division is responsible for parkway tree maintenance.

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Applications Now Open: Shared Cost Parkway Tree Program

Through the Shared Cost Parkway Tree Program, residents can request additional trees to be planted in the parkway adjacent to their home. Residents can select and purchase one or two trees, depending on the length of the parkway, with the Village sharing a portion of the cost. Resident cost is $250 per tree.

To apply for the program, submit a Shared Cost Parkway Tree Program request by October 15, 2023. Public Works will review your request, complete field inspections, and follow up with additional information by the end of 2023 if you are eligible for the program.

Public Works will place orders after eligible property owners select tree species and submit payment. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Planting will occur in the spring and/or fall of 2024 depending on the species of tree selected.

The Shared Cost Parkway Tree Program is part of the Village’s ongoing reforestation efforts to preserve the health of our community’s trees, including replacing trees removed from past emerald ash borer infestations.