Parkway Tree Trimming

The Public Works Department Forestry Division is responsible for the upkeep and trimming of parkway trees in Roselle. Parkway tree trimming is performed by trained urban forestry technicians for several reasons:
  • To eliminate low limb interference with pedestrians, buses and trucks.
  • To clear roadway signs and street lights of obstruction.
  • To reduce the effects of wind and ice on branch stability.
  • To maintain the natural shape of the tree.
  • To remove hazardous deadwood.
  • To repair storm damaged limbs.
  • To improve overall tree health by reducing the opportunity for disease and insect infestation.
Residents are not directly charged for parkway tree trimming since it is a service provided by the Village on Village-owned trees.

Why are Parkway Trees Trimmed So High?
Since they are so close to streets and sidewalks, parkway trees with limbs over the street are "raised" to a height of approximately 13 feet to minimize damage to the trees from trucks and buses passing beneath them. A young tree whose branches do net yet extend over the street or sidewalk area must often have the lower branches removed now to prevent future hazard.

Removal of such branches is best done when the tree is young because the wound created is much smaller and heals much more quickly. This aspect of trimming usually causes residents the most concern because, in some cases, the change the change in the tree's appearance is quite dramatic immediately after trimming. Residents will be pleasantly surprised to find that trees generally experience substantial growth the year after trimming and the change soon becomes less apparent. Tree wounds are not painted with dressing, as this is a cosmetic practice which does not help the tree. In fact, it has been proven that pruning paint slows the healing process.