Winter Weather Procedures

snow parking The Public Works Department's primary objective during the winter storm season is to perform snow removal and ice control operations on the Village's street system during adverse weather conditions. Unfortunately, the Village cannot guarantee the streets will be free of all snow and ice during the winter season. However, with your cooperation and assistance, the Public Works crews will be able to maximize effectiveness of snow and ice operations.

The Village of Roselle encourages all residents to clear snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to your property. 

When road conditions become hazardous and snow and ice control procedures are required, major streets are cleared of snow and ice first. These are streets that have a high volume of traffic, higher speed limits. After all major routes have been cleared of snow or ice; plows will then plow snow and ice from the secondary streets. Secondary streets include all alleys, cul-de-sacs and dead ends. Parking is prohibited on ALL streets when there is a snowfall of 2 inches or more.


By complying with the following snow removal parking regulations and recommended guidelines, the Village snow removal crews can make your streets safer for travel during the winter season:

  • A parking prohibition shall automatically go into effect on ALL STREETS after an accumulation of snow and ice of 2 inches or more. Violations are subject to RECEIVING a $35.00 PARKING TICKET, as well as to having their VEHICLES TOWED at Owner's expense.
  • Residents and contractors are prohibited from the deposition of any snow or ice from private property on or against a fire hydrant, or on any public sidewalk, public roadway, or loading or unloading areas of a public transportation system. Property owners should notify their snow removal contractors of this requirement and require compliance.

It is strongly recommended that when a winter storm has been forecast, no vehicle should be parked on the street, to avoid emergency parking restrictions on all Village streets. The Village will make announcements of snow emergency conditions, parking bans and procedures through the local Public Access channel on cable television, and on the Village's website.

With your assistance and cooperation, the Village can deliver the highest level of snow and ice control service in a safe and quick manner for our community.