Roselle Community Survey 2017


Community Survey and Results

2017 Community Survey Executive Report and Complete Results (PDF)
2017 Community Survey Summary Presentation (PDF)

Survey Purpose, Scope & General Findings

Conducting a Community Survey in 2017 was identified as an action item in the Village Board’s 2016-2018 Strategic Plan. The purpose of conducting the survey was to obtain feedback from the community about the value of Village services and how they are delivered, and to analyze the results with the data obtained from the previous Community Survey conducted in 2013. 

The Roselle Community Survey was administered as an open on-line survey for three weeks in May 2017. Limited paper copies of the survey were made available. The final results are based on a total of 602 completed Roselle resident responses, exceeding established goal to gather at least 500 resident responses. While the survey methodology chosen was cost effective, the findings are not considered to be scientifically verifiable.

General trends identified in the survey findings include:

  • Reported levels of overall satisfaction with Village, and for the majority of individual services, have increased in the past four years.
  • Respondents place a high value on the services they receive for the property tax dollars they pay.
  • Important issues identified by respondents include attracting and maintaining businesses, fiscal sustainability, public infrastructure, safety and crime, and property maintenance.