Water Main Replacement Program

The Water Main Replacement Program (WMP) was initiated following the completion of the Village’s Wastewater Facilities Master Plan in 2015 and the Baxter & Woodman Water and Sewer Rate Study commissioned by the Village. The final report recommended that the Village budget $1 million per year between 2016 and 2020 to replace aging water mains, funded through scheduled annual water rate increases from 2016-2019. Rates were originally slated to go up in 2020, but did not because of on-time and under-budget projects.

The program is primarily focused on areas with older (50+ year old) water mains, typically cast iron, with a high break frequency. The new water mains are Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), with an expected service life of 75 years or more.

Streets Included in the 2020 WMP
Check back for a list of streets included in the 2020 WMP.

Program History
Since inception of the program, nearly $2.3 million was been spent to replace water mains, fire hydrants, valves, and service connections on the following streets:
  • Granville Ave. from Lincoln to Roselle Rd. - 2019
  • Claria Dr. from West End to Roselle Rd. - 2019
  • Hill Dr. From Claria to Central Ave. - 2019
  • E. Walnut Street (Foster Avenue to Spring Street) - 2018
  • Spring Street (Foster Avenue to E. Walnut Street) - 2018
  • Lakeview Court - 2017
  • Lexington Avenue - 2017
  • York Court - 2017
  • Thorndale Avenue - 2017
For questions or further information about the Water Main Replacement Program, please contact Civil Engineer Jorge Jorda at (630) 671-2363 or e-mail jjorda@roselle.il.us.