Strategic Plan 2014-2016

Strategic Plan Updates
The Village of Roselle engaged in a strategic planning process over three separate sessions facilitated by Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies during the fall of 2013. The three meetings, which included the Mayor, Board of Trustees, and Village department heads, yielded a strategic plan for the three-year period 2014-2016. The full Strategic Plan and Summary Report as presented to the Village Board by the Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies is available for download (PDF). The strategic plan consists of a set of four strategic priorities, which are the highest priority issues for the next three years; a series of key outcome indicators, which describe desired outcomes and success measures; and a list of strategic initiatives, which define the actions that will be taken to ensure successful effort.

Snapshot: Strategic Plan
The four identified strategic priorities for 2014-2016 are fiscal sustainability, economic development, effective governance, and employee development.

 Strategic Priority  Key Outcome
Indicator (KOI)
 Measure  Target  Strategic Initiatives
Fiscal Sustainability

General Fund Revenues and
expenditures in balance
Revenues support the full cost for providing services by 12/31/16
General Fund Revenue growth
15% of General Fund revenues come from new sources by 12/31/16
Operating Costs Organizational
Complete all department studies by 12/31/16
Economic Development

New restaurants  New restaurant opens on Village owned site – 49 E. Irving Park Road by 12/31/16 
Commercial Vitality Retail vacancy
Retail vacancies in
business corridors
reduced by 5% from 1/1/14 - 12/31/16
Commercial Growth  Land
North Roselle Road is
repositioned for growth through special districts- incentives and annexation by 12/31/16

Decision Making Strategic plan
A unified future vision adopted by Board by 12/31/14 
  • Create effective Village Board decision making process for obtaining efficient use of time
  • Develop unified vision and mission statement to serve as benchmark for Village Board decisions

Village Board
Length of Board meetings Average meeting length at 2.5 hours
Village Board- Staff Working Relationship Frequency of
leadership team meetings
team meetings once
every 4 months

Employee Skills and
Training aligned with needs  % of training received by staff or # of hours and % of staff participation
  • Develop training program for all employees to increase individual and organization productivity and enrichment