EAB Plan 2012 Update

The Village of Roselle is entering into the second year of its EAB management plan as part of a multi-year effort to mitigate the effects of the emerald ash borer in Roselle. According to consultants from Graf Tree Care, EAB mitigation efforts are unfolding as expected, with few surprises. The following points refer to the publicly owned trees in Roselle, which are either located in parkways (between the sidewalk and the street) or on Village-owned property.
  • 139 severely infested ash trees have been identified this spring and are scheduled for removal. When added to the 130 trees removed in 2011, the Village has lost 269 ash trees, representing approximately 15 percent of the ash tree population and 3.5 percent of the overall canopy.
  • Many areas that were identified in 2011 as having moderate infestations have now gotten severe. These include Cherry St., Hygate/Colony, Clearwater west and Newport south.
  • 316 ash trees that showed no visible signs of EAB last year are now showing moderate signs. 139 trees that showed moderate signs in 2011 are now severely infested and make up this year's removal list.
  • Due to a high number of moderately infested trees this spring (over 700), it is likely to see a dramatic increase in the number of severely infested trees that will be required to be removed next year.
  • The 640 trees in the Ash Tree Treatment Group are holding up well, even in infested areas. Six treated ash trees were removed from the set due to failed treatments, resulting in approximately 1 percent failure rate. An overall 10 percent failure rate over two years was predicted for the treatment group, and may still be a likely scenario.