EAB Plan 2014 Update

April 2014 - Ash Trees Identified for Removal
Contracted ash tree inspectors have identified publicly owned trees that need to be removed due to emerald ash borer (EAB) infestations. Those trees marked with a large orange "X" are slated for removal.

Inspectors identified 324 ash trees throughout the Village that will be removed this spring. As part of an overall EAB management program, the Village is chemically treating 627 publicly owned ash trees to protect them from EAB infestations.

The Village will re-introduce its shared cost 50/50 parkway tree program later this year, in conjunction with reforestation efforts to replace ash trees that have been removed due to EAB infestations.

EAB Management Update Report
Graf Tree Care presented its EAB Management Update Report to the Village Board at its July 28 meeting. A copy of the report is available here for download (PDF).