Contact the Village With Sanitary Sewer Problems

Sewer lineParts of the sanitary sewer system in Roselle were built years ago when clay tile pipes were standard materials. The age of these pipes, along with the materials used can make them vulnerable to erosion, cracking, and root intrusion. While the Village is working on upgrading the older pipes in the public portion of the system, homeowners are responsible for the sewer service line to their homes.

Residents experiencing sewer line problems should call the Village before calling a plumber or contractor. The blockage may be in the Village's line. The Village can help determine where the problem is, and if it is in the private service line to the house, we can advise the resident on further action.

Some sewer line problems can be avoided with preventative maintenance. Public Works recommends pouring a cup of bleach in sinks, showers and floor drains once a month to dissolve materials and clean the pipes. Let the bleach sit in the drain for about 15 minutes before rinsing it out with hot water for 10 to 15 seconds.

Call the Wastewater Division at (630) 980-2024 during business hours for more information about sanitary sewer lines. After business hours, inquiries can be made by calling the police non-emergency number at (630) 980-2025.