Roselle is more than a bedroom community.  We have a thriving and diverse business community with a strong labor force. View a complete Roselle profile by visiting Intersect Illinois

Roselle is home to many high-quality, stable businesses.  A list of larger employers is provided below.
Roselle's Largest Employers
M & R Companies 375 employees
Service Construction 325 employees
RIM Logistics 300 employees
Lake Park High School 200 employees
Acres Enterprises 194 employees
Village of Roselle 167 employees
Kellstrom Materials 150 employees
Olson Concrete Contractor 150 employees
Medinah Middle School 143 employees
Aquion 142 employees
Electri-Flex 120 employees
Sternberg Lighting 120 employees
Amperage Electrical Supply 111 employees
Chicago Area Building Specialists 100 employees
Jon Don 100 employees
Genesis  100 employees
Fulton Technology 100 employees