Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Strategic Plan Updates

Strategic Plan Update #1 - April 8, 2019
Strategic Plan Update #2 - March 8, 2020

The Village Board updated its Strategic Plan for 2018-2021, officially establishing its goals for the next several years. The Village Board engaged in a strategic planning process during sessions facilitated by Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies between March and June 2018.

The planning effort began with an examination of the previous strategic plan and the progress made to achieve the objectives of that plan. This was followed by an evaluation of the current operating environment, which was supported by a questionnaire. The group considered the progress that had been made, changes in the environment and established a set of priorities for the FY 2018‐2021 performance period. Based upon those priorities, the Village’s senior staff met in May 2018 and developed a set of strategic initiatives. The strategic priorities, key outcome indicators, and strategic initiatives are summarized in the tables below. The full Strategic Plan and Summary Report as presented to the Village Board by the Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies, including the strategic initiative action plans, is available for download (PDF).

The Village Board had previously adopted strategic plans for 2014-2016 and 2016-2018. This updated plan includes a refresh of past goals as well as new strategic initiatives. The 2018-2021 strategic plan spells out the four strategic priorities, (the highest priority issues for the next three years); a series of key outcome indicators (describing desired outcomes and success measures); and a list of strategic initiatives defining the actions that will be taken to ensure successful effort.

Snapshot: Strategic Plan

The four identified strategic priorities for 2018-2021 are fiscal sustainability, economic development, community engagement, and operational readiness.

Strategic Priority
Desired Outcome
Key Outcome Indicator
 Strategic Initiatives


Adequate General Fund reserves
Year-end fund balance
Maintain at least 35% reserves
  • Develop revenue alternatives
  • Evaluate public safety pension funding alternatives
  • Complete operations funds sustainability projects
  • Analyze capital project funding options

Sufficient capital project funding
Capital project revenues/expenses

Fully fund 5-year Capital Improvement Program
Sustainable municipal operations
Operations fund expenditures
Balanced budget while maintaining operations funds reserve targets

Strategic Priority
Desired Outcome
Key Outcome Indicator
Strategic Initiatives

Strong diverse tax base
Sales tax, EAV, and fees
- $ / % General Fund revenue
- $ / % Sales tax increase
- $ / % EAV increase
  • Expand business retention program
  • Expand business recruitment program
  • Develop a sales tax improvement plan
  • Implement an East Irving Park Road redevelopment strategy
Positive working relationship with business community
Feedback from business owners
_% report positive relationship
East Irving Park Road corridor developed
 - Project approval
 - Square feet added
 - Sales tax and EAV
_% Square foot increase by 2021
$ / % Sales tax and EAV increase by 2021

Strategic Priority
Desired Outcome
Key Outcome Indicator
Target Strategic Initiatives


Robust community participation
 - Special event attendance
 - Other group involvement
 _ % increased attendance
 _ % increase in volunteers
  • Initiate a collaborative visioning effort
  • Coordinate a community partnership program
  • Develop a community engagement process
Shared vision for Roselle
Progress toward developing a community-wide shared vision
Adoption of a community-wide shared vision
Vibrant civic engagement
 - New ideas learned
 - Groups engaged
 - Social media metrics
- New relationships increase _ % via civic engagement
- _% increase of in-person and social media comments, feedback from collaborators

Strategic Priority
Desired Outcome
Key Outcome Indicator
Target Strategic Initiatives


Well trained and engaged work force
 - Employee satisfaction score
 - Job performance evaluation ratings
 - Employee tenure and turnover rate
- All employees "meet or exceed" job performance expectations
 - Improve employee satisfaction rate by _%
 - Maintain _% or less turnover
  • Establish an employee engagement process
  • Implement an organization succession plan
  • Develop a service level pilot program for Inspectional Services
An operation that meets service demands
 - Budgets
 - Service levels
 - Authorized staffing levels
 - Pipeline process for identifying good candidates in place by _
 - Service levels and staffing aligned in three areas by 2021
A Village adaptive to changing needs of the community