Illinois Premise Alert Program

In cooperation with DU-COMM, the RFD offers the ILLINOIS PREMISE ALERT PROGRAM to the Village of Roselle residents. 

Purpose: It is the policy of the State of Illinois to ensure that consistently high levels of public safety services are available to all members of the State, including people who may require special consideration in order to access services. This program shall seek to afford people with disabilities or special needs or both the same access to public safety services provided to all citizens. It is the intent of this program to offer guidance and direction to public safety workers in responding to and assisting those people with special needs or disabilities or both with whom they will have contact in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. The ability to effectively deal with special needs individuals is enhanced with knowledge or information. The ability to identify special needs individuals, their places of employment, educational facilities, and residences are valuable resources in instances when or if an emergency response by law enforcement or fire protection personnel or both are needed. These terms are defined below: 

Disability: An individual's physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities; a record of such impairment; or when the individual is regarded as having such impairment. 

Special Needs Individuals: Individuals who have or are at increased risk for a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions and who also require health and related services of a type or amount beyond that required by individuals generally. 

To register: Reporting of Special Needs Individuals may be completed by downloading the DU-COMM Enrollment Form. It is preferable that written permission is obtained from a parent, guardian, family member, or caregiver of the individual prior to being entered into the Premise Alert Program (PAP) database. Complete and mail the form to:

DuPage Public Safety Communications
600 Wall Street
Glendale Heights, Illinois 60139

Families, caregivers, or the individuals with disabilities or special needs may contact their local fire department district to obtain information regarding the Premise Alert Program (PAP) at 100 E. Maple Avenue, Roselle, Illinois 60172. 

The DU-COMM Telecommunicators will be cognitive of special need individuals when processing emergency calls for service and attempt to identify what the special need is and relay that information to the emergency responders. All information entered into the Premise Alert Program (PAP) database will be reviewed by DU-COMM and updated every two (2) years or when such information changes. 

Confidentiality: The information gathered as part of the Premise Alert Program (PAP) is strictly confidential. The information is only to provide assistance the Village of Roselle fire department a DU-COMM member agency. If a citizen feels that the information is misused, he or she may file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) via the Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

Premise Alert Program Enrollment Form