Water Division

The primary responsibility of the Water Division is to provide a safe and reliable supply of potable water to over 8,000 customers. This is achieved by operating and maintaining:

  • Four pump stations
  • Three storage tanks
  • Two emergency interconnections with neighboring communities
  • Over 101 miles of water distribution mains
  • 1,415 main valves
  • 1,374 fire hydrants

The Water Division maintains a combined automated water meter system which is read and billed monthly. 

Cross Connection Control Survey
Help the Village of Roselle protect the local water supply from contamination by completing the Village's Cross Connection Control Survey. The information collected will help Roselle Public Works eliminate contaminants from entering the public water system through identifying and monitoring connections that potentially promote contamination through water “backflow”, such as swimming pools, lawn irrigation systems, and alternate (well) water sources.