Temporary Outdoor Seating Application

Outside Seating Application

Application Process

As part of Governor Pritzker’s COVID-19 "Restore Illinois" plan, bars and restaurants may open with limited outdoor seating during phase four of the "Restore Illinois" plan. Roselle restaurant owners who are interested adding outdoor seating to their operations must fill out an application.

Temporary Outdoor Seating Informational Packet - Program Requirements (PDF) Please read this first.

Applications Must Be Submitted Online

BEFORE APPLYING for a temporary outdoor seating permit, applicants must first create or have an existing Citizen Self Services account and link the account with the CID of the business. Instructions on how to create an account and link the CID can be found by clicking this link

Once the account has been created and linked to the business CID, applicants can apply through the Citizen Self Service portal by clicking the link below. Please note permits require supporting documents uploaded at the time of submittal. A list of supporting documents can be found in the next section. 

Temporary Outdoor Seating Application

Supporting Documents

The application requires upload of a signed disclaimer, and if a tent will be installed onsite, an outdoor dining tent structure checklist must also be signed and uploaded.

Business owners with questions or concerns about reopening during phase four of the "Restore Illinois" plan can email Management Analyst Brian Joanis at bjoanis@roselle.il.us.