Centennial 2022

CentennialLogoCircle2Roselle's 100th Birthday

The community commemorated Roselle's centennial with celebrations throughout all of 2022 honoring the Village's 100th birthday. Roselle was officially incorporated on October 7, 1922 - find out more about the Village's history in A Brief History of Roselle. Access the Centennial Calendar to view listings of all the special centennial events.

Centennial Art Initiatives

An organization founded in 2022, the Roselle Arts and Culture Foundation, designed and constructed a centennial mosaic wall mural in Civic Plaza at the corner of Main and Prospect Streets for all to enjoy for many years to come. They also partnered with the Village of Roselle and the Roselle Centennial Commission on a centennial relief sculpture at Village Hall that was unveiled as part of Roselle's 100th birthday party on October 7, 2022. You can learn more about both of these initiatives in the videos below.

Learn more about centennial relief sculpture artist S. Michael Re in this short biographical article.