Redeveloping 233 E. Maple Avenue

Collage shows two street-level views of property and one aerial view.The Village of Roselle has purchased the site of the former Trinity Community Center at 233 E. Maple Avenue. Trustees approved this purchase to guide the redevelopment of the property and create additional housing in Roselle. Village officials envision housing, including affordable senior housing, for the site that will blend with the adjoining neighborhood.

Village trustees will ultimately be responsible for selecting a developer at a future Board meeting. The chosen developer and the Village will engage the community throughout the redevelopment process to receive feedback, provide updates and answer questions. Please check this page for the latest information about this redevelopment project.

Latest Updates:

During the week of October 30, 2023, Roselle Public Works will be onsite to remove remaining items and winterize the building. Preparing the building for winter temperatures will help prevent issues like frozen pipes, which could cause damage to the property.

Project History:

The former Trinity property at 233 E. Maple Ave. was originally placed under contract with a developer in August 2022, who planned to build an apartment development at the site. After the original apartment plan was deemed not financially viable, the developer approached the Village to inquire about assigning their position in the purchase contract to the Village. 

  • June 12, 2023 - Village Board of Trustees discussed and ultimately approved purchasing the former Trinity site at their June 12, 2023 meeting for $1.5 million.
  • August 10, 2023 - The Village issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to identify potential developers. The RFQ, which closed on August 10, 2023, outlined the Village’s preference for buildings with a maximum height of 3 stories and an overall design that complements existing housing in the area.
  • September 11, 2023 - Developers who responded to the RFQ presented early concepts to the Village Board. Trustees also received a presentation about senior affordable housing from the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IDHA) to provide context as the Board considers senior affordable housing for the site.
  • October 25, 2023 - Village of Roselle closed on property sale and began site cleanup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Village fund the purchase of this property?
The Village Board approved the use of General Fund reserves to purchase the 233 E. Maple Ave. site. Because the site is located within the East Irving Park Road TIF, that TIF fund could be used to reimburse the General Fund for the purchase as property tax increment is received in future years.

Who could propose a plan for this property through the RFQ?
The Village’s RFQ for the former Trinity site was open to both developers and governmental organizations. Both the Roselle Park District Board and the Roselle Public Library District Board declined interest in the property. 4 developers submitted RFQ responses and presented early concepts to the Board. The Board has not yet selected a developer for this project.

Will redevelopment affect the skate park or Miracle Field? 
No. Both the Roselle Skate Park and Miracle Field are independently owned and operated by the Roselle Park District. Furthermore, neither site is part of the scope of the redevelopment project, which is limited to the parcel at 233 E. Maple Ave.

What is the timeline for this project?
The Board is currently evaluating the qualifications of developers who submitted an RFQ. A project timeline will be available after the Board has selected a developer.

What will happen to the building until redevelopment work begins?
The building is under the Village's care and is currently being winterized by our Public Works department. The Village is currently evaluating whether some park district programming may be possible at the site before redevelopment starts. We will share more information about any use of the site prior to redevelopment as it becomes available.

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