Utility Permits

A Utility Permit is required for all utility companies that need to perform work within the Village’s right of-way to ensure the work is in accordance with Village Standard, existing franchise agreements and does not conflict with any Village Utilities.

How to Get a Utility Permit 

  1. Request Village Utility Atlases
    Requests should be sent to both kmehl@roselle.il.us and mrasmussen@roselle.il.us and include a location map.
  2. Complete the Application
    The Utility Company or its representative can apply for a Utility Permit by completing a Utility Permit Application.
  3. Include Design Plans
    In addition to the Application, the Village requires 11x17 plans showing:
    1. Existing conditions including existing utilities (both private and public).
    2. Proposed utilities and areas of work.  
    3. A 5’ minimum separation from any proposed utility work and existing Village utilities.
    4. Traffic control details that are required to complete the work.
  4. Additional Permits
    If the proposed work is located within IDOT, DuPage County, Cook County, Tollway, Metra, Township, Wetland, Flood Plain or other jurisdiction/right-of-way, a copy of the applicable permit is required before a Village of Roselle permit can be issued.
  5. Submit for Approval
    Once the Application has been completed, the plans assembled and any other necessary permits have been approved they must be submitted to both kmehl@roselle.il.us and mrasmussen@roselle.il.us. Once received, the Village will review the submittal and respond back via email if they are approved or if there are additional comments. Reviews typically take 5-7 business days to complete.
  6. Register with the Village
    All Contractors are required to be licensed and bonded in the Village of Roselle prior to the start of work.  Please contact Roselle Community Development Department at 630-980-2000 to obtain an application.