Are outdoor fire pits allowed in Roselle?

Residents using fire pits, whether wood burning or gas-fueled, should be careful to follow safety precautions and local regulations. The Village of Roselle has a local ordinance that regulates any outside open burning. Regulations prohibit the emission of dense smoke from any indoor or outdoor fire so as to cause an annoyance, nuisance, discomfort or negative health effect to other residents. It is unlawful to burn, in any outdoor or indoor fireplace, anything other than natural gas, dry hardwood or softwood logs, branches, commercially manufactured artificial fire logs, or charcoal briquettes. Burning of yard waste is not permitted. If the fire department responds to an open burning complaint and determines that dense smoke is an annoyance, nuisance, or discomfort, they may instruct that the fire be extinguished. Failure to comply could result in a fine. More information about guidelines and safety tips can be found in the Fire Pit and Bonfire brochure.

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