Forestry Division

Trees not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of our community, they help improve air quality and increase property value as well. The Forestry Division is responsible for parkway tree maintenance.

Forestry Service Requests

50/50 Parkway Tree Planting Program

As part of the Village’s annual efforts to replace trees that were removed due to emerald ash borer infestations, residents can request additional trees to be planted in the parkway adjacent to their home through the 50/50 Parkway Tree Program. This shared cost program allows residents to select and purchase one or two trees, depending on the length of the parkway, with the Village sharing 50% of the cost. 

If you are interested in participating, email John Valenti ( with the subject line "50/50 Parkway Tree Planting Program" by March 31, 2023. Include your name, address, and contact information in your message. Once the Village has received your request, Public Works will review your location and our arborist consultant will follow up with you.

Additional Forestry Information